Wednesday 30 August 2017

I didn’t write yesterday because I had basically nothing to say. I am literally the most boring person I know.

I am really only writing tonight because Troy is not here to talk to and I’m feeling pretty bleak. The kids have been at their new schools for six weeks now and quite settled into their new routine, but Soren is not very happy and that just tears me apart. He’s always just been our cheerful Scooby boy who goes happily along with things, and now he’s not and I don’t know what to do about it.

There is no specific problem that is upsetting him. He has kids he plays with at school, so he’s not being excluded or isolated. He’s very smart, so schoolwork is not a problem and I know that he enjoys a lot of his classes – walking home from school we always talk about what they did during the day and he is always happy and keen to tell me about things he has learned or done. I really think he is making the best of the situation he is in, but he misses his old friends and his old school and his old teacher and sometimes he just feels really sad about that.

It’s so hard not being able to do anything though! All I can do is listen to him and empathise, and gently encourage him to think about the good things about being here. And give him as many hugs and cuddles as he needs, even if that is very awkwardly done while he is crying and we’re walking to school…oh, my heart.

I just feel so terrible for moving him. None of the reasons we moved here benefit him now at all! I’ve basically just made his life worse, even if it does come with his own room.

So I was all heavy hearted about Soren, and then after school while we were waiting for Nicholai and Emma, Jericho started peering really intently at my hair. I asked him if I had something stuck in my hair or what, and he said, “No, I’m just looking because it’s really grey!” Seriously, kid?!?!?!?

2 thoughts on “Wednesday 30 August 2017

  1. Beth was nine when we moved back from Canada to England and it took her a while to settle in. It’s only been six weeks, so Soren is bound to start feeling better over the next weeks or months. Hang in there!

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