Monday 28 August 2017

I love the rubber plant Ellen gave me for my surprise birthday. However this does leave me all angsty about the health of it, since I desperately want it to thrive! I check its water and carry it outside for some sunshine time and then bring it back inside so it doesn’t freeze…I sincerely hope that it feels my concern and strengthens its will to live, since it has dropped two leaves already.

We were too slow to leave this morning, so I had to drive to get the boys to school on time. I went in to pay for Soren’s swimming lessons, since it is the grade 3s turn for that in a couple of weeks.

I came home and talked to Ellen for a bit, then cleaned a lot – our house is always much dirtier after the weekend. I am also doing a lot more cleaning in general I think, since I always feel bad about slacking off in the housekeeping department while Troy is working away in the front room. Although I guess I don’t feel too bad, because it didn’t stop me sitting down and knitting while watching the rest of American Horror Story Roanoke this afternoon.

Roanoke is the last season I have on dvd (I think they are filming season 7 now) so I’ll have to find something else to watch while I do my knitting now. American Horror Story has been good to watch – there was a lot of variation in quality over six seasons, but this last one was one of the good ones.