Sunday 27th August 2017

The new washing machine is giant. I can fit in the whole laundry basket full of clothes! It also plays jaunty little tunes when it’s starting and finishing a cycle – it sounds so friendly. Admittedly the eco-cotton-wash-cycle I used for it took over FOUR HOURS, but if I just continue to do loads over night it shouldn’t be a problem. The dryer is really big too, and just so quiet compared to the jet engine noise of the old one! We can actually keep in the laundry instead of exiling it to the garage for noisiness.

We decided to stack them in the laundry, so I had to run back down to the Good Guys this morning to buy a mat to go in between them. They were delivered and installed mid-morning, and definitely make my laundry look a little bit more space aged.

It’s funny how utterly grateful I am about this. It was a lot of money, and I just feel so lucky that we could do this. We are pretty frugal in general I think, but for a long time that was just a total necessity and didn’t mean we ended up with any savings! Now being sensible with money is still necessary, but it also means that occasionally we are able to buy something good. And high quality laundry appliances that will make my life easier (and save us significant amounts on our water and energy bills) are definitely good. I feel so grateful for Troy, who provides all this and has never made me feel like it is anything but a joint effort.

I still don’t know what I am going to do about work. Try and pick up some CRT days maybe – I am honestly not enthusiastic about this, but it seems like a moral failing if I don’t work when I am able. Although I have also been considering doing some volunteer work. Committing regular time to something outside the house would be good for me I think – it could be interesting, and I’m sure talking to people I’m not related to couldn’t do any harm either.