Saturday 26 August 2017

We had a lovely visit with mum and dad overnight, and then with Benita and her children here too this morning. I appreciate the space in this house a lot when we have eight kids and five adults here and it doesn’t seem too crowded. There’s enough places to sit at around the kitchen and living area, and the kids were in and out since the weather was okay. It was good to have a chance to catch up with the family. (And cuddle Alby – I am such a baby hog these days.)

Although every time there is a small child here I become aware of how many buttons and knobs there are on appliances and stuff in our house, and how careful you have to be with small children and animals. Our animals are really good, but they’re still animals – Luna will lick the baby and Dempsey’s finger got in between a carrot and Amadeus’ teeth and that didn’t end well. But it’s not too hard and it’s so fun to see them enjoying things that my kids enjoy/ did enjoy – they loved the trampoline today, and Winnie played dress-ups in my wedding dress and Emma’s princess tiara which was so lovely and cute!

We had a quick lunch at home with Mum and Dad and then they went off to Specsavers and Troy and I went to the Good Guys to look at laundry appliances. Nicholai elected to come with us, which was somewhat surprising, but he was just trying to fill in his day without electronics so he will have more time tomorrow. Anyway, it turned out to be a great day to go shopping for appliances because they had 10% off all washing machines and dryers, and given the cost of them that’s a big saving- it was enough to pay for about half the stick vacuum we also bought (which was also on special- we were so lucky). The washer and dryer will be delivered tomorrow, so I am currently draining the water out of the old washing machine so we can move it. Does anyone know anyone who wants a washing machine? I can’t remember how old it is, but it’s a 7.5kg front loader and it works fine – I’m only getting a new one because I want something bigger, and the new one has an 11kg load limit, which is huge!


Soren loves the baby. When i was holding him Soren was practically sitting in my lap so he could keep leaning over and kissing him and patting his head, until I eventually gave in and let him hold him by himself. We were talking today about how our families match and Soren and Alby are the two babies, which Soren thinks is kind of hilarious.


Dempsey’s love for Jericho’s guinea pigs is so cute and funny. Even getting his finger nipped by Amadeus as he was eating a carrot didn’t put him off really.


Queen Winter, playing dress ups in my wedding dress (notice orange clothes peg holding the back together so it didn’t fall off!) – she actually worked out how to hold up the massively long skirt so she could walk around regally- it was quite impressive.