Thursday 24 August 2017

I made a golden ticket for Charlie Bucket and covered a devil’s pitchfork in tinfoil to make it a trident for Poseidon today, so we are ready for the book week parade tomorrow. Neither of these tasks took very long, which was nice after the hours I spent cutting and tying and braiding yarn to make a beard last year.

I went for a proper long walk this morning. I’ve found a few walks that I can do where there is space for Luna to have a run off the lead. They’re not official off-leash areas, but it’s a giant park space with no one around, so I think we’re okay. All the walking is sadly having no effect on my weight, but Luna is really looking quite svelte.

I talked to Jean for a bit too. I’m going to go down next week and help her pack up Great Nana’s place, since she is moving to her new home on Monday. She needs more care now and can’t live alone, so she has taken a place at the same home that two of her sisters and her brother-in-law live in. They really are a very long-lived family. Jean said that when I am helping her pack I have to look through everything for money, as she has already found $3000 tucked away in envelopes and in the fridge.

I made scones today, for the first time in our new house. They were pretty good and actually rose while being cooked…I really like our oven here, I have had much greater success with baking and roasting than at our previous house. We keep making potatoes for dinner, just because they’re so good after being baked in this oven.