Wednesday 23 August 2017

In the past two days, both Jericho and Soren have told me that they wish they still went to Dixons Creek for school. It’s a hard one to hear, to be honest, because there is nothing to be done about it. Soren was pretty upset about it all – I think his tiredness was partly responsible (this happened last night, after we’d been out for tea), but there were lots of tears. He misses his friends, and his new teacher definitely doesn’t live up to Hayley, who Soren adored. He thinks he has too much homework at this school, and he doesn’t like that. I don’t know, he’s always quite cheerful when I collect him from school and talks about things he’s done during the day in a really positive way. He’s been trading Pokemon cards over the last week too, which is something he really enjoys, and he seems to be playing with the same kids each day which indicates that he’s making friends. I think he just gets tired and starts thinking about things he misses, and then gets trapped into only thinking about the bad things and forgetting everything he likes about being here.

Today was the first day that Jericho has ever made any comments about wishing he was still back at the old school. I’m not sure it’s all that serious though – basically none of his new friends have Pokemon cards which means he has no one to trade with, and now Soren is coming home with new cards which he doesn’t want to immediately trade to Jericho. So, I think Jericho’s comment about wishing he was still at Dixons Creek and that he preferred the smaller school is probably him just wishing he was back there where he had Ethan in his grade to talk Pokemon and trade with. Because the school was small, kids from different grades played together a lot too, so Jericho actually spent a bit of time doing Pokemon things with Soren and the other younger boys. I think he feels like he can’t really go and hang out with the grade 3s in this new school (which might be true, I have no idea if such things are discouraged). Generally I think he’s happy with the school and his friends, but I suppose you can’t have everything.

All the year 9 students had their course selection interviews today, so they didn’t have to go to school. Nicholai was delighted with this good fortune, even if I did let him down by insisting on going to an interview with him! It was fine though, the teacher we were talking to thought his choices were good and his maths teacher was at the next table and immediately endorsed his amended choice of VCE maths, so he’s all set. I also took him McDonald’s for lunch as a treat, so between that and getting to play on his computer all day Nicholai really did have a stellar day.

I hope it all works out. Parenting teenagers is so much less hands-on than parenting children, but damn it is stressful.

I’m thinking of buying a new washing machine with the Centrelink money we got after doing our tax return. Our current washing machine is still in great working order, so we don’t need one, but it is only a 7kg machine and that means I can’t even wash a days’ worth of clothes in one load. I wash two loads of laundry every day, more if there are sheets and towels…the idea of a BIG washing machine is really, really appealing right now. (I am such a mum! Yearning for better laundry equipment!)