Sunday 20 August 2017

Another winter weekend nearly done. At least we had some good sunshine today, so Troy and I were able to go for a long walk this afternoon and Soren and Jericho were able to jump on the trampoline.

We walked to Woollies and back, which is a pretty long way. Luna came with us, as she always enjoys getting outside for some exercise. Actually, with all the walking she has lost weight since we came here, so she’s looking very fit. Much more than me, who has managed to put ON weight despite all the walking, so frankly is it any wonder that I’ve just given up on that whole thing?

We were swooped by a plover while we were walking though! It was really aiming for Luna, but since she was on a lead she was a pretty close distance to us and the bird was extremely persistent! At one point I did a very undignified shrieking and throwing of my hands up in the air…it was a relief to reach the shade of a tree for some protection.

The kids stayed home – they had electronics time to enjoy, and walking with their parents for an unspecified long distance is not fun for them.

Nicholai went to the football here in Ballarat yesterday. The Bulldogs are forging some kind of relationship with the city of Ballarat and will play a couple of games here, with the first one being yesterday. Eamon had bought the tickets ages ago but wasn’t able to use them, so he gave them to Nicholai, who was pretty happy with that. Troy was going to take him, but since Steve and Jean had to come back from their holiday to sort out Nana’s things we asked Steve if he wanted to go instead. He likes football more than Troy does, and Nicholai likes football-with-Pop better than football with someone else, so it seemed like a better idea. Anyway, the Bulldogs didn’t win which was disappointing for Nicholai, but he had a good day.

Emma and Jericho played hockey yesterday morning. It’s the last game of the season, although there’s some kind of summer hockey program for girls that Emma might do during the off-season. They didn’t win (in fact, they lost by 8 which is a complete massacre in hockey) but both of them were happy with their own games.


Well, I wrote that earlier and my weekend has rapidly gone down hill as I’ve been vomiting, so that kind of sucks. I have no idea why, since no one else is sick and I haven’t eaten anything anyone else didn’t, but hopefully it will just be a one off.