Friday 18 August 2017

Teenage girls are crazy. I had to drive the kids to school this morning because it was raining, and the weather was freezing – 4 degrees but felt like 0 with icy wind and rain – and yet there were so many girls soldiering on to school in summer dresses that barely cover their butts, and ankle socks. Just…why??? You look so miserable! Your legs are all purple and you’re hunchy and shivery while you wait for the lollipop man! Put on a pair of tights and keep yourself warm! I mean, boys wear shorts too, but I suppose shorts are slightly more substantial than twenty centimetres of cotton dress, and frankly I just expect girls to be more sensible.

Perhaps I have just crushed my children’s spirits, because they all wear pants and tights in winter? Although Emma might be folding the top of her winter skirt over to make it look shorter (either that or she’s grown since I bought it, either of which is a reasonable possibility), but at least she wears the thick tights and even socks underneath them so I know she’s not freezing to death.

So there, that’s my old person get off my lawn you young whippersnappers moment, complaining about people not dressing for the weather, ha ha ha.

It practically rained all day here, and was extremely cold. This is going to continue for the next few days too, but honestly I am quite happy with the weather here. My house is warm, I have my cosy Costco hoodie to wear when I have to run out to the car to drive the children to school, and it feels absolutely decadent to wrap up in a crochet blanket and have an afternoon nap while it rains outside, which I did today. It was supposed to be a power nap, since I only had a little bit of time before I had to drive to school, but it was not powerful enough.

All the kids were pretty happy today. They had nice days at school, and they’re always happy it’s Friday. Soren did tell me today that he misses going to IGA and choosing a snack on Fridays though, which is what we always did before we moved – now we just come home and they have whatever I can find. He has definitely lost his school jumper, he asked his teacher about it today and no one in the room could find it, so I don’t know. I guess I will ask at the front desk if they have a lost and found, since maybe he left it in the Japanese room or the hall or something.