Tuesday 15th August 2017

We are becoming real Ballarat people now – yesterday was all sunny and about 18 degrees and we were all taking our jumpers off and marvelling about how warm it was. Then today was freezing cold and rainy again, and everyone was just ‘eh, back to normal’. No big deal.

Jericho really didn’t enjoy swimming yesterday, as this morning he tried to tell us he didn’t feel well and couldn’t go to school. Poor kiddo. However it was pretty obvious that “not feeling well” was really “dreading having to go to the pool”, so off he went. Swimming today went better though, and he was feeling a lot better about the whole thing this afternoon. I’m honestly not sure why he is so against it – he’s a reasonable swimmer and has never disliked it before.

I also had Soren in tears this afternoon, because he has too much homework and it’s all too hard. I snuggled up with him on the daybed in Troy’s office (seriously so comfy – it has two foam mattresses on it so it’s so soft and cushiony!) and we talked for a while. He’s doing well at school and is making some friends, but he’s not as comfortable with his teacher as he was with Hayley, and he’s also having some trouble with the boy he sits next to. I haven’t heard about him before, but this afternoon Soren was crying about it a little bit- he said that this boy always has to be the smartest in the room and he got mad/made a fuss at Soren when he didn’t know where China was on a map and when Soren couldn’t read his handwriting. Actually, once Soren told us about it he cheered up and then he told me that he calls this boy the Living Thesaurus, because when they were all supposed to write down a word about tadpole eggs nearly everyone in the class wrote ‘slimy’ and this kid wrote ‘repulsive’. That made me laugh a bit, and I really love how resilient Soren is, that to cope with this kid that he doesn’t like he just has a private, humorous view of him and moves on. We did suggest to him that he could talk to his teacher about this boy not being terribly nice to him and ask if he could swap seats, if it keeps bothering him.

I spent the rest of my birthday giftcards at Spotlight on towels today. I was going to get another set of fancy sheets, but they were no longer half price so I couldn’t pay that much for them. Instead I bought new towels for Troy and I, since we have been using the same towels for eight and a half years. And I know it’s been that long because we were given them after Soren was born, when Jean had to use our regular towels to clean up the car that he was born in! Anyway, I just wash them and dry them and put them right back, so I do mean that we’ve been using them daily for that long. However using them every day means that you don’t really notice them wearing out, until today when I bought new towels that are so thick and fluffy the old ones feel a bit like tea towels!

I also bought a piece of gold cardboard to make Soren a golden ticket, since he has decided to dress up as Charlie Bucket for the book week parade. That’s got to be one of the simplest costumes ever- he can wear some raggedy pants (does he have anything else?) and a scarf and hat and hold onto his golden ticket and it’s all good. I told Jericho that he really should choose a costume that involves a long grey beard, since he has such a fabulous one from last book parade, ha ha ha! He didn’t want to be Zeus again, so he’s going to have a trident and be Poseidon. If I can get some sea shells or something for his headpiece that holds the beard on (it’s got leaves on it, for Zeus) then we’ll do that too. Sea shell necklace perhaps? We’ll see.

I also bought some yarn for the Rosalie scarf I’m going to knit, but I had to get 4 ply because they had no white baby 8 ply – Spotlight is so crap with yarn sometimes!

Troy’s mum and dad have to come back early from their holiday. Nana has been in hospital (she had a fall a week or two ago) but now she’s been assessed as needing high care and so she can’t go home to her unit. I don’t know, it’s not unexpected but it’s still just really sad…I mean, one day she’s at home on her own, the next day she’s in hospital, and now she has to move on to a whole new environment. And being realistic, an environment she is very unlikely to actually want to live in. I’m sure it will all turn out fine, and she does need extra help, but in a lot of ways it feels like a depressing way to live out what is left of your life. But perhaps this is just me feeling morbid and unhappy with my own aging? I don’t really know.