Sunday 13 August 2017

I slept in today and it was so good! A good thirteen hours sleep really does wonders.

It was a really nice, relaxing Sunday too. Troy had been shopping in the morning and we had pies and sausage rolls and little triangle pastries for lunch. I watched some House Hunters, and that other show about flipping houses, while knitting Soren’s scarf. It’s coming along quite well – garter stitch is pretty boring, but it’s also very relaxing and at least it works up really quickly. It also seems I’m in a scarf knitting sort of phase, since I made my own and am now doing Soren’s, and I’ve just promised to make one for Twilight Girl. I found a pattern to make the scarf that Rosalie wears in the cafeteria scene in Twilight, and so of course I had to make it for Triauna! I can’t believe we’ve been messaging online for five years now, that’s nuts.

We all went to the Gardens late this afternoon too. It was a lovely sunny day, and it was good to get out of the house and go for a bit of a walk. We played Pokemon Go and walked through the gardens and along the lakeshore, and the kids played on the playground for a little while. I like doing things like that- it’s a really low pressure and relaxing way of spending time together.