Saturday 12 August 2017

I’m watching a movie version of Anne of Green Gables that was made last year – I never even knew about this! I haven’t watched very much yet, but so far I think Martin Sheen is not as good as the old Matthew Cuthbert, but the girl playing Anne is adorable.

We’re watching it on SBS On Demand, which we only just learned has movies. Last night Troy picked West World, some old movie about a robot theme park out of control – I think I’m going to be much happier with Anne tonight.

Emma and Jericho played hockey this morning. They didn’t win, but they both played pretty well. Troy said Jericho was doing some good tackling and the coach said, “He’s a little gun, isn’t he?” and then he won the movie ticket for the best on ground, so that was excellent.

Troy borrowed Dr Strange from the movie machine (it’s a Blockbuster one – I didn’t even know that Blockbuster still existed in any form) and everyone watched that. There are not too many movies that everyone in the family are interested in watching, so it was really nice to have everyone snuggled up in blankets together. I was a bit meh about the movie, but the kids and Troy liked it.

Troy and I went out shopping in the afternoon, continuing my quest for comfortably fitting bras. Fingers crossed that I’ve got what I need and can just forget about the whole miserable experience. Although to be fair, once the miserable experience of buying them is done, wearing new bras is always nice.