Friday 11 August 2017

I continued my quest for the perfect bra today and ugh. I did not think I could be more unhappy with my body than I already was, but going to Myer and having the sweet but clueless bra fitting girl eventually say, “Um, I don’t think we have what you need,” took any remaining bit of self esteem I had and shrivelled it up to dust.

Surprisingly I managed to not cry, and instead reasoned that since I already felt so low it couldn’t get any worse and so I went straight to Bras N Things. The girl there was kind and efficient and very helpful – I left with one bra and a bra extender, which seems to fit reasonably well. It also cost $70, so I will now have to take that size and head off to somewhere cheaper and get a couple more. But yeah, overall…shit.

I was tired today too – my happiness at having Troy back home lasted only until we went to bed and he went to sleep and started snoring. Seriously loud snoring that rolling him over did not stop, and which made it impossible to fall asleep. Eventually I gave up and came out to the lounge room and watched House Hunters International (they were moving to Australia!) until I fell asleep on the couch. So I’m very tired now, and I hope that I fall asleep before Troy does tonight! Although I have a cold, so perhaps that means I will be the one snoring and keeping him awake?

Emma and Jericho’s hockey is at 8.15 tomorrow morning. That’s so early, and it’s going to be SO COLD. It’s funny though, I forgot to say last time they played, but the uniform shirts for this team have collars and when Jericho was given one last week and put it on he said to me in very impressed tones, “We’re playing formal hockey here.”