Thursday 10 August 2017

I slept on my new sheets last night and they were so nice I’m quite tempted to go and spend the rest of my birthday money on a second set so that I can always rest in luxury.

I went shopping this morning, to buy new bras. I even measured myself so that they would fit, but I’m not convinced that it’s right – it fits right when I am standing there, but feels a bit weird when I’m moving around and the underwire feels a bit pokey in my armpit. I don’t know, basically the whole experience made me unhappy.

While I was shopping I also went and looked at picture frames, as we’re planning on doing something decorative to the wall in Troy’s office. I decided to buy some but they were on a high shelf and after I’d lifted down the three I wanted, another one fell off the shelf and hit me in the head and then the arm as it fell to the floor! It actually hurt quite a lot, and although the person behind the counter came over to help me, he was also not doing a very good job of not laughing. Seriously, why do these things always seem to happen to me?

I also bought Troy new underwear, because my life is super exciting like that.

Not too much else going on today. The kids are all cruising along, which is nice. Emma and Jericho had hockey training tonight, so I was in and out with that. They’ve been given loaner shirts to wear to the games for the rest of the season (which is only a few more weeks I think) since everyone has personalised shirts and they only order once a season.

Troy got back tonight at about 7.45, which is good. It’s better when he’s home. Even Jericho commented today when he got home from school that it feels weird to not have Troy in his office.