Tuesday 8th August 2017

Luna and I walked for about 6km this morning, according to Pokemon Go. I felt so virtuous.

I really like walking around here. I love checking out all the houses and gardens (cough*and occasionally inside a front room when they don’t have curtains*cough) and seeing all the quirky little details people have for their homes. There’s always something to look at.

The neck of the dog sweater continued to grow to a ridiculous degree during this walk, so I had to fix it. I bought some wide elastic and stitched it together into a loop and then folded the ribbed neck of the dog jumper over it and stitched it closed. It looks so much better! It also seems to really fit well, so making an elastic neckband might be part of future knitted sweaters.

I went to Spotlight to buy the elastic, which was the first time I have been to the Ballarat Spotlight. It’s a lot more cramped and crowded than the one I used to shop at, but they’re packing a lot of merchandise into a space that’s not all that big. I love Spotlight- I went to buy elastic, but of course it took ages because I had to look at everything else! I spent some of my birthday gift card on a set of expensive sheets- they are going to be such a treat, I love good sheets. They were also reduced by $100, so I can’t complain about that.