Monday 7 August 2017

Troy and I are watching the Handmaid’s Tale. I know that I’ve read the book, but I don’t remember a great deal of the plot so this visual version is certainly making an impression. It’s all so bleak and disturbing.

Luna had a haircut today. I took her to Petstock, and since we didn’t think it would take that long Troy came with me. We dropped her off and then went to the closest supermarket, which was Maxi Foods (an upscale IGA I guess) and bought some lunch, then ate it and took a walk. Being able to take his lunch hour together is something I do enjoy about having Troy work at home. However they were running badly behind at the grooming, and so in the end we just came home and waited for them to call and say that Luna was ready.

She’s clipped super short, which makes her fur feel velvety soft. I think she looks cuter with fluffy hair, but I love petting her when she’s freshly washed and clipped. She wore her new knitted sweater too, since it was such a bloody cold day, and it fits pretty well. The neck is too big, so I may run a line of elastic through it, but I will definitely cast on fewer stitches next time I knit one.

It rained while we were walking home from school, and it was SO cold. It’s like just having ice thrown at your face. Generally speaking Ballarat is only a couple of degrees colder than Yarra Glen, but I have been a little surprised at how much difference those couple of degrees make. I am definitely appreciating the cosiness of my Uggs, and those Costco hoodies I bought just before we moved were a very wise investment.