Saturday 5th August 2017

Emmanuella and Jericho played their first game at their new hockey club today. They’re playing on the same under 14 team, and although they didn’t win they both enjoyed playing and did pretty well. Jericho was exceptionally good actually, especially considering he’s only just turned eleven; he was right there in the action and did some excellent passing. Emma will have to adjust her play a bit- her last team had a lot of good players and they were really good at playing as a team, which this team doesn’t quite have to the same level yet. She’s going to have to be a bit quicker to push into the action, because she’s got some good skills to make use of.

Troy and I both went to watch and we took Soren with us. We probably had the nicest weather of the day when the game started at 9.15, it was only 5 degrees but it was at least a little bit sunny. The wind picked up in the second half though and that was freezing, I was warm enough in my thermals and coat and hat and scarf, but any bit of skin that wasn’t covered up certainly felt it.

The rest of the day was just lazy at home. It stayed cold outside and it rained later on, so it was a nice day to stay inside. I had a nap – I love naps. Although I really don’t understand how it takes me an hour to fall asleep when I go to bed at night, and about two minutes to fall asleep when I have a nap.