Friday 4th August 2017


Friday afternoons are one of the toughest times of the week in this house, in terms of cranky kids. Particularly the primary school boys- they are just so tired by the end of the week that playing on their devices or playing with each other just ends in disaster. Or at least screaming. I just want to send them to bed…I don’t think their requests to stay up late on a Friday night are going to receive a positive response any time soon.

They all seemed pretty happy when I picked them up at the end of the school day though. Nicholai does ‘Community Sport,’ and today they went ten pin bowling for that, so he had fun. Emma had to perform in a group dance in PE, which she has been complaining about for the past several lessons as they had to make it up. But she said actually performing it wasn’t that bad, and the dance went okay without too many mistakes. Still, I think she’ll not be sorry to move on from dance in PE. Jericho didn’t do anything special today, although they had ‘buddies’, where the grade 5s are paired with a grade 1 buddy. Since Jericho was not there when they were assigned these buddles he just joined in with his friend and helped him- they taught this kid how to do a powerpoint presentation. Soren’s teacher was away today so they were split into groups and farmed out to other classes. His teacher gave him a lollipop at the end of the day, so really that made the whole day pretty good as far as he’s concerned.

Benita and her two little boys came over this morning, while Winnie was at kinder. They’re both so cute. Although Dempsey is a little explorer, and makes me paranoid that he’s going to kill himself on something in my non-childproofed home. He was scared by Luna running up to the front door and barking when they first got here, but he generally really loves the animals. He wanted to look at the cats on Nicholai’s bed, and he always spends ages standing next to the guinea pig cage and making delighted noises.

Troy and I went to Officeworks and had lunch today. I needed to buy a drawing book for Soren to give the birthday girl at his party tomorrow (he said she likes drawing, so he wanted to give her pencils and a drawing book, which was nice and easy) and Troy needed a mat for under his desk. It still feels surprising that everything is so close here that we can go to Officeworks and stop for lunch and it’s still just a regular sort of lunchbreak for Troy.

I knitted for a little while before I had to go and collect the children. My socks are coming along pretty well, I really like the eyelet and flame chevron stitch pattern that I’m doing and I’m starting to memorise it which will make it go quicker. I watched the first episode from the fourth season of American Horror Story while I was doing it- this season is called Freakshow and is meant to be good, so I’ll see how it goes. I watched the first three seasons one after the other but I needed a break- each season is its own self contained and unrelated storyline, but the same actors are in it, playing different characters, and it was starting to muddle together in my head.