Wednesday 2nd August 2017

I’ve had the beginnings of a cold nagging at me for the last couple of days, but it settled in today. And I don’t know why, because I never used to have sinus issues, but now every single time I get a cold it just feels like someone’s punched me in the face. So today was painful and unproductive- I walked the kids to and from school, went to the supermarket and did some very basic clean up at home, but mostly just diffused eucalyptus oil and let myself be lazy.

I did some more knitting on the pair of socks that I basically re-started on the weekend. I like knitting socks- the tiny needles and light yarn make it really easy on my hands. And although I have two balls of yarn hanging off two circular needles (I knit both the socks at the same time), after the three balls and carrying yarn up the side for stripes that I did with Luna’s sweater this feels a lot simpler.

The kids are good today. Well, Emma was outraged about some homework that she had to do for German (it was telling time and sometimes she was supposed to put it in numerals and other times in words and she didn’t know which one when) but everyone else was pretty cheerful.

Soren seems to be enjoying school a bit more this week too. He has been playing with the same boys each day- they’ve been pretending to be dragons and today were apparently doing a conga line in the playground today. (???? Yeah, I have no idea. Although Soren told me that he was the leader of the conga line and he stopped to do his shoes up without telling anyone and they all tripped over him and each other and fell over like skittles). Anyway, I think starting to feel comfortable with some friends is really giving him a boost and I’m really happy for him.