Sunday 30 July 2017

UFC 124 was today, and with three championship fights on the card Troy and I decided we should go and watch. We were a little bit hesitant, as it can go all afternoon and we’ve never left the four kids home alone for so long before. But going to the pub to watch it here is only five minutes away from home, as opposed to the forty five minutes away we would have been when we went to watch it at the old house, and that made me feel a lot more comfortable. If anything actually DID happen (and really, my kids are pretty good and basically sensible so I have no reason to expect anything dreadful to occur) we could get home to deal with it. So we left the children with something for lunch and instructions to look out for each other, and headed off to the pub.

We hadn’t been there before, so we weren’t sure what it would be like. It was good though- smaller than our previous UFC watching bar, and no couch, but it had a few high tables and some regular tables and a few screens. We sat at a regular table but then someone sat at a high table and completely blocked my view, so we moved to a high table and I actually found that really comfortable for eating and watching and knitting. We had lunch and watched the fights – not the best fights ever, but honestly I don’t care that much, I just like being out with Troy.

I feel so prissy watching UFC though. I mean, I’m there, I’m watching and enjoying it, so clearly I must be as big a bogan as anyone. But I’m drinking diet coke and knitting, and there are hardly any girls that go and watch anyway, so I already feel a bit conspicuous (and not really in a good way). And then everyone around us swears like sailors and it’s all a bit off putting. I swear sometimes, and I don’t really have issue with other people swearing in moderation, but some of the stuff I heard today went beyond swearing to being kind of offensive.

I got a bit of good knitting done. I finished Luna’s sweater on Friday, so I went back to the pair of socks I started way back in January. I had made some mistakes and ended up ripping them out, having to go back to the toes before I could pick up the stitches again, and once all that happened I just shoved them back in the sock bag and ignored it until I could face it again. Today was that day, so I had to go round and straighten all the stiches and get them going in the right direction so I could keep knitting. They’re coming along quite nicely now, although it ended up being a really short fight night timewise and it was all pretty much over by three.

The kids had a lovely afternoon without us. They ate chips in rolls for lunch and then paid their poker chips, and when we got home Jericho and Soren were curled up in blankets watching new Ghostbusters – I think they’d like Troy and I to take off more often, frankly.