Saturday 29 July 2017


My moonbaby turned eleven today. Eleven! My god, it just feels like my whole life is slipping away from me on a tide of birthday cakes for children who are all just getting so grown up.

Jericho had an awesome birthday though, and for him that’s a really big deal. We gave him a scooter, a lego pizza van and a tin of Pokemon cards, all of which made him very happy. Steve and Jean came up last night and Mum and Dad came this morning, so we had a barbecue lunch and a chocolate ripple cake for his birthday. It made him feel very special and loved, and it was also delicious, so everyone really won with that.

Mum and Dad gave him Mariokart for his DS, which was again a big hit. Steve and Jean gave him money, and Great Nana also gave him money, so he took all that (plus a bit of pocket money) and went shopping this afternoon. Soren also emptied out his money box and came along to buy something too. Shopping with the children can be somewhat fraught, but it went so well this afternoon. We went to EB games and they both chose a DS game- Soren got a Legend of Zelda one and Jericho chose a Pokemon one.

In Kmart they found this stuff called Stickbot, that has posable figures and a green background ‘stage’ that’s designed to make stop-motion animations with. Considering how much time the two of them have actually spent making stop-motion animations already, this line of toys was practically made for them. They actually pooled their money and were able to buy a couple of sets, so they have five figures, the green ‘studio’ so that they can do green screen things with it, a stand for a phone, and a collection of different weapons and hairpieces that can be put on the figures. I was so pleased with them shopping cooperatively and getting along so well, and I think they’re going to have a lot of fun with that.

Jericho’s choice of birthday tea was spaghetti bolognaise. Nicholai was thrilled, ha ha ha! I don’t love it either, but everyone else was pretty happy with it.

Really, I’m just so happy that Jericho had a good day. He’s such a good kid and yet has so much trouble with his anxiety- he really needs these days where he can be happy.

Eleven years…my giant baby is becoming such a big kid! I love his creativity and his intelligence, his wicked sense of humour and his way of clowning around. I love his individuality, and I admire so much how hard he tries in everything he does. You’re amazing Jericho Stephen- having you was one of the best things I’ve ever done, and I can’t imagine a life without you.

(And Photobucket – which is where I usually pull the old photos from – is holding all my old photos hostage, so I don’t have a photo of baby Jericho on my current computer for this post. But I did find this, his little wee baby hand holding my finger when he was only a couple of days old…he is so beautiful.)