Thursday 27 July 2017

Troy came home today. Actually, Troy came home later than expected today after having to go to an appointment at the office in the morning, and with a phone with a dead battery that went straight to message bank when I tried to call him to see what he was doing. So of course by the time he got home I was convinced he’d been in some terrible accident and I was mentally organising my life as a widow and feeling guilty about moving to Ballarat in the first place. Maybe just a tiny overreaction?

I had a good morning though, at least until I spiralled into paranoia about Troy’s untimely demise! I went with Jericho and Soren to school and then kept walking. For some reason we only have to walk a third of the distance to hatch eggs or for our buddy to find candies, and so with walking to and from school every day we had run out of eggs. So I walked up to the arch and collected two eggs from the pokestop and then walked a different way home. Jericho and Soren were very happy that I’d collected a couple of eggs, as they are very much enjoying hatching them walking to and from school. It’s kind of funny actually, when the game is about to hatch an egg you see the egg on the screen with the word Oh? over it, so now when we’re walking all I have to say is “Oh?” and the kids immediately crowd around my phone to see what we get. Anyway, the walk was good- I should do it more often.

Emma and Jericho had hockey training again tonight. Troy took them so he could talk to people about what we need to do for them to play, which turns out to be not that much. They actually have a bye this weekend so they won’t play right away anyway, and we can’t buy them uniforms because they get them screen-printed in lots of 20 and won’t do that again until next season. They have a couple of spare shirts that they’ll be able to borrow, and they just have dark blue shorts/skorts and maroon socks with that, so we can buy those anyway. Jericho seemed happier about the whole hockey situation tonight, although whether that was because training was more fun for him or because Troy bought him and Emma hot chocolates from Maccas on the way home.

Soren had a hard day today though. He cried as soon as he saw me after school, because he had to write a letter to his teacher for homework and he had only tonight to do it. He did it without any drama once he got home (he’s a good writer and it wasn’t a long letter) but he’s just so tired. He cried later about wishing he could go back to his old school- he misses his old friends and his old teacher. My poor baby. I knew that he hadn’t really found any particular friends yet, but he hasn’t seemed unhappy about it until tonight. We just gave him lots of hugs, and talked about the birthday party he is going to next weekend, and how well he’s doing with all the changes. I hope he sleeps well tonight and feels better tomorrow, I don’t like knowing he’s so sad.