Tuesday 25 July 2017

I had to rip out several centimetres of the dog sweater I’m knitting today, which was frustrating. I’d decreased too much and too quickly, so it wasn’t fitting very well. I was tempted to just shrug and continue on, but I’m trying to make a good, Luna-sized sweater here that I can replicate to make others in future, so I thought it would save work in the long run to redo it now.

Unfortunately Luna does not particularly enjoy trying on sweaters that are on two circular needles and have three balls of yarn trailing off them. I have to bribe her with treats and then she stands all hunched and miserable while I wrestle her into it, contemplate what I’ve done, and pull it all off again. I make sure to give her lots of pats and more treats once the sweater try-on is done, but I hope the sweater is finished soon…she’s starting to avoid me.

I moved all the flattened moving boxes out of Troy’s office and on to the deck today. His office still looks like we’ve just moved in, and I don’t like it- I don’t have to spend any time there, but it’s the first thing you see when you walk into the house and I want it unpacked. His desk has arrived now, so once he’s back on Thursday he doesn’t really have any reason not to sort it out properly. Also, his parents are staying on Friday night (so they can go and watch Emma and Jericho play hockey at the crack of dawn on Saturday, and then be here for Jericho’s birthday lunch) and they’ll have to sleep in there, so it needs to be organised.

I will say that I didn’t exactly want the moving boxes out on the deck either, but they have to go somewhere and there is no space in the disaster zone that is our garage. (I have no idea what we are going to do with the crap that is shoved in there- it’s a double garage and now we’ve basically got a little path to the clothes dryer and a little path to the guinea pig supplies and then piles of boxes everywhere else). Anyway, I have stacked up the boxes behind my antique sofa and they can stay there for the time being. I just really want this whole feeling of being unsettled to end.