Monday 24 July 2017

I built a desk and knitted a lot of a dog sweater today so it felt fairly productive. Although I have to admit that most of this productivity occurred whilst sitting on my ass watching Orange is the New Black at the same time.

Troy left for the office before I was up this morning, and won’t be back until Thursday. I really don’t like this. He said this should be the last week of this, but then he also told me that one of his partner’s husbands broke his ankle and needs surgery. So if that keeps his partner out of the office for a while, I’m feeling a little bleak about Troy potentially having to pick up the slack. But we’ll see.

At least with him coming back earlier on Thursday he’ll be able to take Emma and Jericho to hockey training and sort out their teams and uniforms and everything else. Hockey has always been Troy’s department, so I’m glad he’ll be back to take that on. I also don’t want to be on my own with that one right now because Jericho did not enjoy hockey training last week, and I think has decided that he won’t make friends on the team and it’s all horrible and he doesn’t want to do it. It’s one of those cases where I think the best thing to do is push him past his reluctance, because he has always made friends and enjoyed hockey in the past, but it’s not necessarily the easiest thing.

We had beautiful weather today, and walking the kids home from school this afternoon was lovely. Even Nicholai walked with us, and talked like a reasonable person when I asked him a question about his day. The walking to and from school is something I really like about living here- I think it’s good for everyone. (Well, apart from Emma’s feet, which are having trouble adjusting to her new school shoes).

Our new trampoline is going well. Soren was on it before and after school, and was so happy and relaxed afterwards. He’s such a funny little dude sometimes.