Sunday 23rd July 2017

I had a party yesterday, a surprise (early) 40th birthday. I was completely stunned- I had absolutely no idea at all. Troy and I took the kids out to the gardens for lunch and to celebrate our one year anniversary of playing Pokemon Go by catching pokemon, and then after that he said we should go and have coffee and cake to celebrate the children surviving their first week at school. So he hustled us all out of the gardens and drove us to Oscars, where all my family was waiting to surprise me. And surprise me they did- I was honestly so stunned and overwhelmed at it all that I almost turned and ran away (oh, how Mary Anne of the BSC!) but I pulled myself together and had a lovely time.

It’s hard to say how much it meant, having everyone do that for me. It’s not always easy to find your place in a big family, and then once you have kids and it’s kind of never really about you, but then I had yesterday and it was amazing. I really, really love my people.



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