Thursday 20 July 2017

Soren is not the new kid anymore- now there’s a newer kid in his class. That cracked me up, and I can’t help wonder why you would start a new school three days after the start of a new term?

Jericho and Emma got to be a different kind of new this evening, since I took them to hockey training at their new club. It’s a small club, and they will both be playing in their under 14 team on Saturday mornings. There are a couple of hockey clubs in Ballarat, but this was the only one that replied to Troy’s emails, so this is where we are. Jericho was a bit freaked out by the idea of playing under 14s, but he was playing in a higher grade under 12 team and I think he’ll be fine. Emma will probably find it all a bit odd though- her Knox team was amazingly hardcore at training, so I think a team that incorporates eleven year olds will be a slower pace for her! I think it’ll be fine though, and there’s school hockey too apparently that she can get involved with as well if she wants.

All the newness is taking its toll though. The kids are settling in so well, but it’s a huge amount to take in and process, and the stress of it all has left them all pretty tired and out of sorts. I think we really need a weekend.

Nicholai has gone off at me again today about his tech restrictions. It’s so frustrating! Honestly, managing all this technology and internet and children is the hardest part of my life- it would have been so much easier to be a parent in a more primitive era.

It feels a bit like beating my head against a wall, Nicholai and his technology. Because we’ve TOLD him numerous times our reasons for the restrictions we have, and we’ve also told him the things he does that make us unlikely to change the restrictions. Like…obey them? He posted a rant on facebook tonight about us not letting him use his devices after 5pm, but he posted this at 6pm! Since he ignores the rules every chance he gets, it doesn’t exactly engender a lot of trust- if he so clearly doesn’t follow those rules about access, how can I trust that he’s following basic rules about what is acceptable to do once he has access? And particularly given the situation that we had earlier in the week, not being able to trust him online is hugely problematic. Also at issue is his effort at schoolwork and homework, which come in a very long second place behind his online life. And to be honest, he is not exactly the most pleasant member of the household at the moment- if he can’t even be civil to his parents and siblings I’m not really feeling like extending his privileges. He doesn’t understand, or won’t accept, that his own behaviour contributes to the situation and if he wants to change it he’s going to need to put in some effort.

I finished knitting my scarf today. It’s nice, I think- I have never really worn scarves, so I guess I will have to wear it a bit to see how it goes. I’m glad I finished it, with all the stress and drama of moving I haven’t really been knitting and I haven’t really been writing and it felt good to actually produce something.