Wednesday 19th July 2017

Troy went down to Yarra Glen for work today, so I thought I would spend the day at home, enjoying my aloneness. However this just didn’t happen, and I feel as though I spent more time out of the house than I have since I moved here.

I drove the kids to school this morning, since I had to go out this morning. I admit that I also felt a bit bad for Emma, whose feet are apparently kind of shredded because of walking so much in her brand new shoes. Once she wears them in she’ll be fine, but it’s a lot of walking for new shoes. Surprisingly little traffic at the primary school in the morning, so dropping the little boys off was quick, but it took a lot longer at the high school.

Eventually I waved them bye-bye and went down the street to collect the new school jumpers that I had ordered for Jericho and Soren. I then went to the supermarket for some groceries before I remembered that I had to buy food for Luna and so I had to go back downtown to Petstock. Admittedly these errands didn’t take anywhere near as long as they would have from Yarra Glen, so I have no idea why it made me so grumpy!

I also ended up driving to pick the children up from school, because it was raining. I know, it’s pathetic! However I have now ordered an umbrella, so that should help. Jericho took me in to show me his classroom before we came home, and it was good to see both him and Soren feeling so comfortable making their way around the school.

Emma had texted us to wait at the primary school for her, so I told her I had the car and to wait out the front for us. She saw Nicholai walk past while she was waiting for us and told him to wait with her if he wanted a lift, but he just continued on his surly way. However he actually did stop and wait at the van, so basically he just refused to wait even in the same vicinity as Emma. I was so tempted to make him walk, since he clearly can’t bear to be in our presence, but I thought that would have been too mean.

We came home and had snack and then went out again to Officeworks, since Jericho and Soren both had a couple of stationary items that they needed to get. Stuff like scissors and glue sticks, that were communal items at Dixons Creek, so it was a pretty cheap trip. Emma came with us because she wanted textas, but she bought those herself.

Jericho and Soren and I had a fun afternoon after that, testing out our new fire pit. Jericho is such a pyromaniac. We didn’t really build a proper fire, just basically burned the box the fire pit came in, but the boys thought it was awesome. We had baked beans and muffins for tea, which was easy and nice for a cold day, although by the time we had finished with our fire and all the kids had had baths it was pretty late.

Moving to a new house has changed the cats’ attitudes to each other, but it also appears to have made Luna think the rules don’t apply. I keep catching her curled up asleep on our bed, which she has NEVER been allowed on- this morning I felt something walking over the bed and thought it was a cat, so I just rolled over and went back to sleep. However when Jericho came in and woke me up who should be curled up happily snoozing next to my legs but the dog! I am quite surprised she is being so naughty.