Tuesday 18th July 2017

It’s apparently too much to expect your fifteen year old son to willingly walk home from school with any family. The high school ends fifteen minutes earlier than the primary school, so Emmanuella reached the primary school as we were just about ready to leave. She was quite happy to tag onto my phone hotspot so that she could walk her Pokemon buddy while we walked home together (walking to and from school is doing wonders for our Pokemon Go), and then she and Jericho and Soren all competed to tell everyone else about their day. Nicholai caught up with us shortly after and was extremely ungracious in his greeting, and then when we told him to walk with us and tell us about his day too, he just made horrible grumpy faces and stomped off alone down a different street. So rude.

The kids were all pretty happy with their school days- it was only the prospect of having to walk with us that so offended Nicholai, he was actually in quite a good mood. They all seem to be getting along okay with their classes and making some friends. The girl Soren did some drawing with yesterday has given him an invitation to her birthday party today, so I guess that went well.

I did some cleaning and tidying up, and rug-taped our rug to the floor in the front hallway so that it will stop skidding about all over the place. I had to re-iron on some iron-on labels in the school clothes- they really don’t want to adhere to the textured knit of the primary school t-shirts.

We had some guy from a solar panel company come by to try and flog us a system. We had solar panels on our other house and it’s something we were hoping to be able to do here, so Troy set up this appointment. It was excruciatingly boring as the dude went through all the maths of it, and ultimately a little unsatisfying as the ideal system for us is well out of our price range. We may be able to afford something smaller, that will at least reduce our bills, but we’ll have to work the finances on that. Well, Troy will- I am happy to bow to his expertise on this.

The craziest thing about everything today is the feed-in tariff you get, for sending your excess power back into the grid. We were one of the very early adopters of solar panels after the rebates came in, and we had a feed-in tariff of sixty eight cents per kilowatt. To sign up for it now, the feed in is only ELEVEN CENTS!! Eleven cents! I knew that we had a good deal at the old house, but I had no idea it was that good.


A nice after school scene, with the children drinking hot chocolates with tiny marshmallows and me folding up some of my four hundred loads of laundry.