Monday 17th July 2017

Today was the first day at the new schools for all the kids. They were all so brave! I mean, it’s just school, but walking in in the middle of the year, being new, knowing no one and having to start all over again…it would scare anyone, and they all handled it beautifully. And they had all had good days, so it really couldn’t have been a better start.

Troy headed off with Nicholai and Emma for the high school. We had to drop off their enrolment forms and show their birth certificates, as well as pay for their IT help, so we thought that a parent probably needed to be involved in that. He said it was fine, they got there and the front office lady called for their teachers to come down and fetch them, so Troy wished them luck and walked back towards home.

I walked with Jericho and Soren to the primary school a bit later. They were both quite happy about going- I think had both had enough of the uncertainty of it hanging over their heads and were ready to face it down and move on. We went to the front office where their teachers were called to come and fetch them. Jericho headed off with his teacher without a backward glance, but Soren was a bit more uncertain. His teacher said I could walk over to his classroom with him, and when I asked Soren if he wanted me to do that or just to leave I barely got the words out before he told me I could come over with him. So we all walked to his classroom (which couldn’t be further from the office unless it was outside the school fence) and I had a quick look around and then said goodbye, leaving him in his teacher’s no doubt capable hands.

Being at home without them felt so strange! I wrote the other day about how this house was feeling a bit like a holiday house, and I suppose it still was because when I was at home today it was just the strongest, weirdest feeling of, “Oh…I really live here. This is actually my house.” So I celebrated the peace and quiet by eating chips- I really am a lady of style.

It also felt a bit weird having Troy here, working in the front room. I think that is going to take some getting used to.

I had a nagging sort of worry about the kids all day, but I really didn’t need to. I met Jericho and Soren at the office and they were both happy. Jericho had no complaints at all- he got along well with the boy tasked with looking after him, and his class time went well too. Soren was very tired and a little quieter- he said his teacher was really nice and he had fun playing some games at recess. I think he felt a little bit lost at lunch time, because he said he was ‘bored’ (which is Soren-speak for any negative feeling). However he said then he made his first “kind of friend”, because he found a girl from his class who was drawing and she lent him a pencil and some paper so he sat and drew with her, which he said was fun.

The three of us started walking home and were partway there when I got a text that said, “Wait for me mother! *heart emoji*” and I looked around and Emma was coming up behind us. So we waited for her and then we all walked home together, while she told us about her day and that it had gone well. Nicholai had beaten us home and was far too involved with his computer to actually talk to us, but once his electronics time was over he said that he had also had a good day and made some friends, so that was four for four.

The only one who seemed unhappy with the school day was the dog, ha ha ha. I didn’t take her this morning, because I wasn’t sure whether I’d go in or not, but I walked with her this afternoon and then tied her to a post outside while I went inside to meet Jericho and Soren. Luna just kept crying pathetically- she knew from all the kids around that this was a school, and she didn’t see why she couldn’t go inside too! It was also interesting with the dog that she didn’t get excited this morning until the kids pulled out their school bags- she obviously didn’t recognise their new uniforms as school clothes, so it wasn’t until the bags came out that she got the idea!