Friday 14th July 2017

We had a visitor day today, with Lee coming for lunch with her kids and then Benita and Cam dropping by for afternoon tea so they could catch up with her too. It was fun to see Lee again (and give her the Lee-named Holly Hobbie money box I found on ebay) and see the kids. Leila is so much bigger than she was last time we were there, she can walk around now which she wasn’t doing then. I pulled out a box of toys for her to play with, but she seemed to prefer the box of dog toys, which made me laugh.

Our house is so not child-proofed though! Between Leila and Dempsey they found rocks and scissors and knives and buttons and even that they could open the front door themselves and run away (Dempsey!).

However having so many people over made me appreciate this house, since there were a lot of kids around but it still didn’t feel al that crowded. Especially since we had our new couches and armchair delivered while we were eating lunch, which meant that we had an extra place to sit. So we adults could sit on the new couches and talk, while the kids played on the Super Nintendo and made noise in the back living room or in their bedrooms. Troy had to work, so I closed the sliding door in between the kitchen and the front of the house, so he wasn’t that much disturbed by all the noise. Really, this house just works in so many ways!

I actually love the new lounge suite too. I like the way it looks, it’s comfortable, and it gives us this nice sitting area with the beautiful rainbow rug to watch tv. It really makes the house feel more ‘finished’, which is good. Although it was weirdly delivered in boxes, which means I now have giant couch sized boxes piled up on my deck that I have to find some way to get rid of!

We have to try and sort out Troy’s office over the weekend, as that is the only room that still looks as though we have just moved in. I mean, the garage is still a complete disaster, but frankly I don’t even see how we can begin to change that. Troy still harbours dreams that we’ll both be parking our cars in there- I remain unconvinced.