Thursday 13th July 2017

The movie Point Break is on tv tonight, and when I told Troy I have never actually seen it all he threw up his arms in horror and exclaimed, “Are we even of the same generation? Did you grow up in a CULT or something?!”

So I guess I know what we’re watching tonight then.

We realised the other day that all the streets in our estate are named after sheep- merino, dartmoor, corriedale, perendale etc. So today I thought I ought to look up what kind of a sheep ‘copeworth’ are. What I found out is that there is no copeworth sheep! It’s coopworth! So we live in the misspelled sheep street of the estate!

We visited Benita and the children this morning, which was good. She is definitely very ready to have her baby- I told her that hopefully all this hanging about and not being born is a sign of his laidback and relaxed personality and he’ll be the easiest baby ever. She also told me that she has stickers with the baby’s name on them (like for drink bottles etc) and since I’m dying to know what the name will be I was pretty tempted to just tear apart her house looking for them. Dempsey is so cute- he was holding my hand at one point and all I could think of was the letter Sullivan wrote to him the other day that included the line “I like your tiny fingers”, which cracked me up.

Troy was home when we got back, just doing his work stuff. I think it’s going to take a little bit of getting used to, having him work at home. It will probably be easier next week, when the kids are at school and Troy is just going to Yarra Glen for one night, especially if we manage to get his office actually cleared of boxes this weekend. (Not holding my breath on this one, but anything is possible.)

We ordered the trampoline today. Sportspower were listed as a stockist but when we went in and asked about it they said that they didn’t actually keep any of them in stock, and it would probably be quicker and easier for us to just order it straight from the website. So that’s what we did, and it should be delivered next Tuesday.

Speaking of deliveries we are also going to get our new lounge suite delivered tomorrow, which is brilliant. And surprising- they said “mid July” when we bought it, and tomorrow is the 14th and that’s about the most mid of July that you can get. Perhaps I shouldn’t be so surprised that they made an accurate prediction and lived up to it, but I am. I’ll be so happy to get it, it will definitely make our house seem a little more permanent without that big space just empty and waiting for furniture.

And while I fully realise that no one really cares about my cats relationship, they were both sleeping on Nicholai’s bed this afternoon! One at each end, but even so…this whole house and they both elected to sleep on the same bed, that’s pretty impressive for mortal enemies. Although Nemesis sleeping on Nicholai’s bed and the top bunk in Soren’s room has kind of crushed Jericho- Nemesis always slept on the top bunk with him, and he misses him and is so sad that Nemesis doesn’t seem to like his new room.

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