Sunday 9th July 2017

Mum and Dad came to visit today. It was good to be able to show them around our new house, especially since I’ve talked about it to them quite a bit. It was also good that they could just drive down and have lunch and go home without it being a whole eight hours driving expedition.

The kids’ colds seem to be a bit better today. Soren was quite whiny and a bit tearful, so I don’t know about him- he felt quite warm, but he was also wearing a jumper and sitting under a blanket on the couch, so I don’t know. He didn’t say he didn’t feel well though, and it’s still just a clear, slightly runny nose, so I think he will be okay.

I had a nap this afternoon, so hopefully I am fortified against the next few days of Troy being away. He will leave early tomorrow morning and won’t be home until Thursday morning. He was going to do the three days and come home Wednesday after work like last week, but they booked Wednesday night appointments for him so it will be too late for him to drive back once they’re done. I don’t know, I hope this three days a week doesn’t last too long and it soon settles down into one regular overnight.

I also found out today that Troy’s driving for work is not tax deductible like I thought it was. Between that, losing the fuel card so we now have to pay for our petrol, and me not having a job, we are going to be financially worse off living here. Troy is not worried about it, but I am exceedingly anxious- I guess it’s just not what I was expecting, and it scares me. Particularly at the moment, when we’re spending what seems like crazy amounts on moving-related expenses, and when I have to go and buy four lots of new school uniform by the end of the week!