Saturday 8th July 2017

Ikea trip today. Troy and I went with Jericho and Soren; I’m not comfortable leaving them home for so long while I’m so far away, even with Emma and Nicholai to watch them. We would have taken the older two as well except we needed to fold down their seats so we’d have space for what we bought. I had made a shopping list from their website, which told us where to collect each item, so it was just about the fastest Ikea trip ever. We bought the Hemnes console table (which I’m going to use to house yarn and some of my other things), two Hemnes bedside drawers for Troy and I, new Gokart mattress protectors for the kids, ten yellow Trofast buckets for the Lego, clip-on lamps for Jericho and Soren, the Antonius wire frame and basket set for Emma’s wardrobe, and two quilt covers. (Can you tell that I like the way all the Ikea furniture has names?)

We were home by 2pm, which gave Jericho and Soren plenty of time to play on their devices, and me plenty of time to construct flat pack furniture. I did the wire baskets, then the console table, and then one of the chest of drawers, but by then I had a bruise on my palm and the blister I got there yesterday had ripped open, so I had to stop. I told Troy he’d have to build his own drawers.

We bought good things though. The console table fits four of the cane cube baskets, and then has a section above each one, as well as being able to put things on the top. The drawers are good too. We left the back off, so we can run power cords through the back to charge things in the drawers. And after my experience with Officeworks flat pack furniture yesterday it was lovely to be back with the reliability of Ikea.

Jericho has shared his cold with Emma and Soren now. They were all okay this morning, but by bedtime we had a lot of nose blowing and coughing going on. I hope they get over it soon.

Soren apparently told Jericho, “I’m just you…remastered.” He cracks me up sometimes.

We had a pet miracle last night. Ootchy was sitting on the couch and Nemesis jumped up beside him, and Ootchy didn’t do anything. No hissing and scratching and no one ran away- they both just sat there on the same sofa. They have never voluntarily been so close to each other while they are relaxing. Perhaps they’ll end up friends yet.