Friday 7th July 2017

I put together two desk chairs, a computer desk and a filing cabinet today. The chairs were okay, but the filing cabinets did not leave me with a very favourable impression of Officeworks flatpack furniture. It also left me with a blister on my palm that is really rather sore.

It felt like a really long day today. Jericho is not well and is utterly miserable- he’s very snotty and phlegmy and has complained of earaches on and off. I don’t think he needs a doctor, I think it’s just a nasty cold, so there’s not much to do but give out Panadol at intervals and try and keep his day as smooth as possible. He’s really not the type to suffer in silence, but I feel so bad for him and really wish there was something I can do for him.

Soren was also very quiet today, so fingers crossed that he’s just fighting it and won’t wake up sick tomorrow. Feeling crappy is no way to spend the school holidays.

The kids met the across-the-court neighbours yesterday. They went outside to play and the next time we looked out Jericho and Soren were riding big wheels and scooters in their driveway with the boy (who was riding a bike and also a unicycle) and Emma was jumping on their trampoline with the two little sisters. I can already tell that we are going to be the boring house and the boring parents of the neighbourhood.

Troy has been working at home, at least doing what he can without everything being set up. The kids are not quite understanding the concept that Daddy is at work and not really available to help them with stuff, but they’re pretty good anyway. I mean, they’re pretty self-sufficient, and wandering in to the front room to say hello once or twice a day is probably not actually any more distracting to Troy than people at the office coming and asking him stuff would be.

We’re plodding along with getting everything unpacked and set up. Troy’s office is still a bit of a disaster, and we’re holding out for settlement money for a few other things, but we’ve been to Bunnings and Kmart and Fantastic Furniture and things are beginning to feel like they’re where they belong.