Wednesday 5th July 2017

Poor Jericho has an earache. He’s had some panadol and he’s tucked up in bed with a wheat bag so he can hold some heat on it if that helps, but that’s about all I can do for him. Poor kid is having a rough time of it at the moment, with school holidays and a new house and now being sick on top of that. He struggles on holidays because he really wants constant company and entertainment from his siblings, and all of them seem to want some time alone each day. We’ve opened the boxes the Lego was packed in and he’s rebuilding and sorting that, which has been a good activity.

I really, really wish we had a trampoline. Jericho and Soren are both SO much better when they have that physical outlet, but we don’t have the money to buy one until the house settles. At least that’s less than a week away now- hopefully I can order one next Tuesday and then have them deliver it quickly!

The house is starting to look a lot more like a house that people live in, and less like a storage warehouse. (The garage, on the other hand…) We had a glazier come out and install a doggy door in one of the windows of the living room, which has made it more ‘our’ house too. It also means I no longer have to stand freezing by the open sliding doors while the cat makes up his mind if he really wants to go in our out, thank goodness. Well, at least that’s the idea- at the moment I actually have to sit and freeze by the cat flap, holding it open to demonstrate to the animal that it really IS a door, and try and coax them through it. They should get used to it soon.

Troy came back this evening, arriving just after 7.30. It was lovely to see him- I actually did really miss him. Unfortunately he’s going to have to be away for two nights next week as well. We really chose a bad time of year to move, to be honest, but at least I knew going in to it that it would be this way. I hope it doesn’t take long to get into a regular routine of one night/two days away each week, and I hope we can make that work for us.

I was so tired that I was sad today. Moving is just so much work, and it’s so hard to kind of relax and recoup with everything going on. I was still awake at 2am this morning because I just couldn’t stop all the thoughts going round in my head long enough to fall asleep. I think it will be easier tonight, with Troy back.