Monday July 3, 2017

I should never have bought Ugg boots. They are the cosiest and snuggest things I’ve ever put on my feet, and now I want to be a total bogan and buy lots of pairs and waterproof them and wear them out in public so that I never have to take them off.

It was a very wintry day today, very cold and with lots of rain. I mostly stayed home, waiting for a delivery that never arrived, and continued plodding around unpacking things.

However it was time well spent, as I now have a functional kitchen, pantry and dining area! Yay! Getting the boxes out of there has made a big difference, and the whole house is starting to feel a little bit more like home.

Although I have loads of stuff that I need Troy to help me with, because I don’t know where it should go. I’ve found approximately five million power cords and cables that I have no idea what to do with- I don’t even know what they’re for. He went to Yarra Glen this morning though. It’s the new financial year now, so he has to stay and do computer rollovers and things, so he won’t be home until Wednesday night. Generally he’ll only be away one night a week and I think that will be okay, but two nights right after we’ve moved in does feel a bit depressing.

We took Nemesis and Ootchy outside this morning. Ootchy came back inside pretty quickly, but Nemesis went off exploring the backyard and didn’t come back until 6.30pm, by which point it was dark and I was getting worried that he was lost. He might be a little shit who has peed all over my bedroom, but I don’t want anything to happen to him.


Okay, that was weird. I think Jericho was just sleepwalking. He came out to where I am and said something about the tv that I couldn’t understand, didn’t really answer my questions, and then mumbled something about a girl with a box of flowers. At that point I realised he wasn’t really with it and just gently took him back to bed, where he let me tuck him in and then seemed to go straight back to sleep. He actually used to sleep walk when he was a pre-schooler, but that was always related to him needing to pee, and we just had to take him to the toilet and then he’d go back to bed. I think this time is probably stress- he is really struggling with the move and being in a new place. I wish we’d been able to get the trampoline, that would help him and Soren so much.