Sunday 2nd July 2017

I discovered today, that not only had the cat/s peed all over my bed, they had peed on my bathmat, and on the painting clothes in the bottom of my wardrobe as well. Lovely. At least those things can just be thrown in the washing machine on the sanitise cycle- I’m still working on the doona, and really the whole situation is just disgusting.

Lots more unpacking today. Lots of books. We have two bookshelves in the front living room (which will be Troy’s office) and three bookshelves plus a corner one in the family room, and I filled them up and had to get the children to come and adopt piles of books to keep in their rooms so that everything would fit. I love books on shelves though- it makes their rooms look a lot homier with lots of books, and of course my Babysitters Club collection all shelved in order makes me extremely happy. Although after all the book unpacking I counted twenty six empty book boxes, which probably goes some way to explaining the need for an extra moving truck.

The kitchen is still a disaster. I have to admit that my time would probably have been better spent organising that than doing all the books today, but I think I am just avoiding that because it is going to be so difficult.

Troy and Soren took the train to Melbourne today to go to the footy. It was really not an ideal day for it, but Steve takes all the grandkids (and kids) to the footy over the season (apart from me and Emma, since we don’t like football, although he took Emma to the movies so she doesn’t miss out) and it’s all planned out at the start of the season. So when this was assigned as Troy and Soren’s day, we didn’t know we would be moving the day before. I drove them to the station just after lunch, and I picked them up just after tea- it was a lot earlier than I thought, but they only stayed at the football until halftime. Between all the moving and the fact that it’s the end of term, Soren is honestly just exhausted. So I’m glad he got home and into bed at a reasonable hour.

It’s kind of ridiculous though- the train ride from Ballarat is approximately an hour and fifteen minutes, so it’s barely any longer to get to central Melbourne from here as it did from our house in Yarra Glen.

The kids are sort of starting to settle in here. Nicholai spends all day in his room, as always, which means I barely see him. At least at our old house I would go past his room as I moved about the house, but I don’t here! Jericho is the most hyperactive and unsettled, but that’s not surprising. I think he probably won’t relax until we’ve got the whole place unpacked and organised, and are back in some kind of routine. Emma is okay- she likes her room and she’s been hanging out with Jericho a lot, which is good. They are so silly together that it drives me crazy (just endless hysterical giggling and fake accents, I don’t know), but they are having fun and not really hurting anything. I hope that tomorrow I will have things in the family room sorted out well enough that Jericho and Soren can begin unpacking their Lego, and that will help occupy them.