Saturday 1st July 2017

Moving day #3 today, and now it’s all over! At least all the moving in things are over- unpacking is a different story.

And in case all the moving hassles up to this point didn’t already amply demonstrate this…WE HAVE SO MUCH STUFF!!!!

Seriously, today was a matter of bringing up the kids, the guinea pigs, the dog, and all the stuff we’ve had while living at Steve and Jean’s for two weeks. I folded the back seats in the van down so we had all that space, and Troy had the ute, and we STILL couldn’t fit it all in! In the end we put everything left over in Troy’s car, and Steve and Jean drove it up for us this afternoon.

We left Dixons Creek mid morning, and stopped for an early lunch on the way so we got here about one o’clock. I took Nicholai, Emma and Soren in the van, and Troy had Jericho and the dog in the ute, with the guinea pigs in their bucket down by Jericho’s feet.

We’d only been here about half an hour when the next door kid came knocking on the door to ask if Jericho and Soren wanted to come out and play basketball with him on his driveway. So they went off to do that, and when they came back home a bit later they were both really happy. They said he was really nice and they had fun, and I think they’re both excited to be living in a neighbourhood with kids.

Steve and Jean turned up with Troy’s car and the last of our possessions, and Benita dropped by with the kids. Dempsey was feeling much better today than last time he was here, and had a lovely time watching the guinea pigs. Winnie and Emma hung out together, and Sullivan was super excited to show Jericho and Soren his new Pokemon cards. I totally laughed as they were leaving though- I was walking them out to the car and Sullivan announced to Benita that he wants to grow “hair like that boy”, talking about Jericho’s lovely long locks!

We celebrated our first night in our new house by having pizza delivered…I know, such luxury now that we live in the big city, ha ha ha!

Actually, that’s one thing that’s been weird about moving here. Technically we are moving to the ‘country’, since Ballarat is a regional city and Yarra Glen is on the very fringes of Melbourne. But Yarra Glen was rural and we had to drive miles to get to anything, whereas here we are actually living in a much more densely populated area, and we’re way closer to the city centre. It’s just one of those odd little things.

Only one thing has marred the day really- one of the cats has apparently taken his revenge on us for moving him and then abandoning him by peeing all over our bed. Yeah- turns out that the cat smell wasn’t only from the litterboxes. SO disgusting, and really not what I wanted to have to clean up on my first night here!

Here are some random photos of our first day in our new house!



This is my beautiful new rug- I was so happy with it once I unrolled it and finally got to see it. 












One thought on “Saturday 1st July 2017

  1. Yayayayay!!!!! I loooooooove your rug too!! It is just gorgeous and all the bedrooms look amazing. I can’t wait to come and see it over the holidays. Well
    Done to all of you….. enjoy your new home xoxo

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