Thursday 29 June 2017

My computer trackpad is not working properly- this is a disaster. It won’t register my clicks, and then at other times it goes berserk and thinks I’m clicking and holding and starts highlighting everything and dragging windows all over my desktop in a frenzy.

My computer can’t break. At this point that might just break me. I was ready to run over to the Apple store at Doncaster immediately, but since it is still working a bit (I can mostly get around it by using a separate mouse, although the keyboard itself is being somewhat temperamental also) I am going to hold off til we move. If they are going to need to keep it to fix it or something, then it’s probably better if it’s somewhere close by so I can pick it up. I am also hoping that it will start working again, since it still does work sometimes- I could get lucky!

I had another pretty lazy day. I took the little boys to school, went and bought bananas, and then spent the rest of the morning by the fire by myself, since Steve and Jean were off taking Nana shopping. If it hadn’t been for me agonising over my potentially broken computer it would have been lovely. I got dressed only because I had to take Nicholai to his LGBTQ group this afternoon, but just as I was turning on to the street by his school to pick him up Troy rang me to say that Nicholai had messaged him, the group was cancelled, and he’d caught the bus home. So I just turned around and drove back- I suppose it was a nice afternoon for a drive, if nothing else.