Wednesday 28th June 2017

I did as little as possible today. I took the boys to school, then came back to Steve and Jean’s and went to sleep on the couch for much of the morning. I went to the office to pick up the rug that was delivered (we didn’t know where we’d be when it arrived, so we just had it sent to the office), then came home for a bit before I went up to the primary school. Their performing arts groups were all doing a little presentation, so the parents were invited to see them. Jericho and Soren were both in the drama group this term, but only Jericho was in the little play they did.

Jericho is certainly a bit of a performer. He told me that the other when he was talking to Khaled about moving, Brodie was listening and said, “Khaled, once Jericho leaves you will have to take over as the class clown.”

I was telling Soren and Jericho about my day, and when he heard I took them to school and then went home and had a morning nap, Soren shook his head and said, “Sometimes I wonder about your laziness!”

Although he’s in no position to criticise. Yesterday, while I was still in Ballarat, I had a message from the school saying that Soren had no lunch, and thought he might have left it in the car. Troy was in the city for the day, so I called Jean at work to see if she could do something. She went and looked in the car and it wasn’t there, so she looked at home, and then at school Soren had to retrace his steps to see if it had fallen out of his bag somewhere. None of this produced a lunchbag, so it was all a little mystery until home time, when Soren pulled his schoolbag out of his cubby and found his lunchbag sitting behind it, where it had been all along.