Tuesday 27 June 2017

I’m so tired today. I’m so tired every day- I hate moving and I wish it was all over.

I just want to feel like I live somewhere.


I unpacked Jericho’s room and some more stuff in the back living room this morning. I have to say that, although as a family we have a LOT of stuff, individually my kids don’t actually have that many toys. Excluding Nicholai who has quite a lot of books that filled up his room, the other bedrooms are looking somewhat bare. I think that a lot of the stuff that belongs to various children but was kept in my study or in the lounge room will have to go to their rooms now that they have the space for it.

I even scraped all the stickers off what was Emma’s and is now Jericho’s desk. That required a lot of eucalyptus oil and patience- the first was in plentiful supply, the second not so much.

I had to be back by 3.30 to pick up the little boys from school to take them for their haircut, so I left the house at around 12. I went to Officeworks first, and stopped for lunch a little bit later (where I admit I just say for a while because I hated the thought of getting back in the car and driving again), but then there were roadworks on the freeway, roadworks on the ring road, and roadworks on the Christmas hills road, and I wound up having to call Jean and ask her to pick up the boys because I wasn’t going to make it. It was 3.50 by the time I met them all at their hairdressers.

Haircuts went well though- Nicholai and Soren look all neat and respectable now. Jericho doesn’t really look any different, but he did have his ends neatened up a little bit. Emma had a giant pile of hair on the floor once she was done, but what is left is so straightened that I have no idea what length will be left in her hair once it’s washed and all curls up again. So we shall have to see.

My new uggs came today. They are purple and have ribbons on the back and are the warmest and cosiest slippers I have ever had.


Here’s a crappy picture of Emma’s pile of hair- it looks like a small furry creature.


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