Monday 26th June 2017

The ceasefire between the cats seems to be over. Ootchy just pounced at Nemesis. Although Nemesis hit back, so clearly things are still in a state of flux.

I’m back at my Ballarat house. All by myself, so it’s very quiet! I really wish we had just moved in already though- I’m so tired of driving.

I had a doctor appointment this morning, so I took the boys to school then packed some stuff in the car before I went to that. It turns out that my thyroid levels still aren’t right, so I have to increase that medication again. I also got her to write out prescriptions for all my other stuff, so that I don’t have to rush to make an appointment up here.

I had to drive over to GLN conveyencing after that to drop off some more things Troy and I had to sign. I really don’t remember having to sign and have witnessed and send back so many separate papers last time we bought a house. Since I was already halfway there I went to Costco after that to buy another hoodie for the cold Ballarat weather (although the fact that I am always freezing may be because of the thyroid issues, so maybe increasing the meds will mean I will occasionally feel warm?).

Of course all that meant I had to set the satnav to get me to Ballarat from there instead of going the usual way. I had go on the freeway to the city and through Kew and then skirt the city and go over the Westgate bridge, and although it wasn’t fun (I don’t really like driving places I’m not familiar with) I did it without any great distress so that was good.

Because of all that I didn’t get here until mid-afternoon. Once I’d got rid of the smell of the cats (I really can’t wait until we have a cat flap and they can go and shit outside like they’ve always done!) I started in on unpacking the kids’ rooms. I wanted to get all of their stuff out of boxes before they get here- they can spend the holidays rearranging their stuff to their heart’s content, but it will be easier to settle down here if their rooms are ready for them. I managed to get Soren, Emma and Nicholai’s rooms done, so that’s not too bad. I don’t have to be back until school pick up time, so I will have a bit of time tomorrow to keep on with the unpacking before I have to leave.

I had an unfortunate incident with the cat during my unpacking though. I had left Nicholai’s bottom drawer open after I’d unpacked things into it, and when I went to close it, it wouldn’t close. So of course I just shoved it harder a couple of times. When it absolutely refused to shut I gave up and pulled the drawer right out, only to find Ootchy cat trapped behind it! I’d been trying to shove the drawer closed with a cat squished behind it! Poor kitty immediately ran off and hid somewhere else- I searched for him because I was a bit worried I’d hurt him, but I have (obviously!) not discovered all the possible cat hiding places in this house and he had disappeared. He came out later though, and seemed quite happy as he sat next to me on the couch for a little while.

We can’t get our new lounge suite delivered until mid-July. I knew we’d probably have to wait, but I was hoping it would only be a week or two, not six! I guess we’ll all just have to watch tv sitting on the rug. (When the rug is delivered, since we don’t have that yet either).

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