Sunday 25th June 2017

It was the Shortest Lunch today – the sixteenth year in a row we’ve gone and done it. I actually don’t think there is anything else in my life that I have done for sixteen years in a row, except get a year older.

Anyway, we had beautiful weather and a lovely day, despite everyone being so incredibly tired! We began with our one constant, the apple pies at Yering Farm , although I said today it’s not as good now that the kids are bigger- when they were little they couldn’t eat all their pie and so I got their leftovers, but now they all scrape their plates!

We went to Wild Cattle Creek next. The kids shared some bowls of chips, Steve and Jean had the lamb shanks, and Troy and I both had a vegetarian filo pastry that was much fancier and more impressive than it sounds. It was so good too- food like that always makes me wish I liked to shop at farmers markets and cook it myself.

Our third stop was Boat’o’Craigo over in Healesville. Troy and Steve ate the paella, the kids and I ate churros with chocolate sauce, and Jean had a cup of tea.

Everyone else was really too tired to do another one after that, apart from Emma who had been hanging out all day to go to Miller’s and eat a chocolate factory brownie! So Steve dropped the rest of us off at the bottom of the driveway and he and Emma kept going.