Saturday 24th June 2017

We had our goodbye laser tag party today. All the kids had a good time- they got dressed up and armed and then went off to play two games, came back for party food and a break, then played for a bit longer before we all had cake. Most of the kids they invited came- Emma and Soren had two friends each, Nicholai and Jericho had one (Jericho’s second invited friend got sick), and Brett came with his three big kids. So it was a good mix of ages and kids, and everyone went home happy.

I will bitch here though, because I was seriously angry about this and Troy and Jean both just kind of shrugged and said we need to just let it go. But Adam and Susan not only didn’t bother coming, they also didn’t bother to let us know that they weren’t coming until twenty minutes after the party start time. Like, what the hell? They were invited and said at the time that they would come, we saw Adam on a later day and he said again that yes, they were coming, it was on the calendar. Troy rang Susan the other night to try and remind her again (for obvious reasons) and didn’t get to speak to her, but left a message. Like, what else can you do? Jean tried to excuse it by saying that Adam only just got back on Friday or whatever, but I am not in the least bit inclined to be forgiving this time. I mean, this was our goodbye party, the kids wanted their cousins there – this one kind of mattered. And if they weren’t going to be assed to make the effort then they should have let us know, rather than just not turning up. (Which meant we were waiting for them, since it’s the kind of party that can’t start until you’ve got the full complement).

I don’t know, I gain nothing from being mad about this- they’ll never change and no one will ever call them on it. And the party was fun, with all the kids and Troy and Brett playing we had sixteen, which was enough for okay teams even without the extra four or five they would have been. So of course I will just have to let the whole thing slide, but at least I feel like I’ve got it off my chest now!

I didn’t play, but there was a basket of puppies so I had quite a lovely time by myself anyway. The puppies were so cute! I watched them play with each other and attack a succulent planter and took a lot of (mostly crap) photos of them, and then when they went to sleep I played word cookies on my phone and basically froze to death because I was waiting outside.

Everyone was so tired tonight though! After driving back from Ballarat this morning and then having the party I have definitely had enough. Jericho had hockey this morning, before the party, so he was especially exhausted after it. I haven’t heard a peep out of any of them since they went to bed. Troy and I are watching some apocalyptic disaster movie, and I don’t think we’ll be staying up late either.

Although, I have the clothes dryer going and so I probably couldn’t even hear the kids even if they were singing and dancing around. We brought the dryer with us, and although it was very loud at the old house it is about ten times louder here. Whether this is because it’s now sitting on a tiled floor instead of being wall mounted like at home, or because in transporting it and turning it upright again (it was upside down on the wall, you can use it either way) we have jiggled something loose, I have no idea. But a new dryer has moved up the list of priorities in terms of things we need/want to buy.

I thought we had no plans for tomorrow, but it is actually the Shortest Lunch! So apple pies are in my future, and that more than makes up for the day of rest I thought I was having.



Soren’s friend gave him a goodbye present of a fidget spinner (oh joy) and some jellybeans that have flavours like dog food and spoiled milk and vomit…