Friday 23rd June 2017

Moving day #2 today, and it went rather more smoothly than moving day #1. I think everything was moved, at least!

I went to our house at 8.30 to meet the movers. A potential catastrophe was averted when I realised that I had forgotten keys for the new house in time for Troy to find them at his mum and dad’s house and drop them off for me. There were only two of them packing the truck today, but with everything they had to pack just piled in the library and garage it was a pretty straightforward job. I played a million more levels of Word Cookies on my phone, and briefly went down to the office to collect some money to pay the removalists.

My drive to Ballarat was frustrating with the amount of roadworks I had to go through- sitting still on a freeway where I SHOULD be going 110kph is hard enough without realising that it was going to cost me $200 for every extra fifteen minutes it took the movers! Vic roads probably cost me $500 today, damn it.

Unloading the truck was uneventful. A lot of it went into the garage and they just stacked it all against the walls, so it will need to be rearranged so that we can park in there (and also so we know where everything is).

I have quite surprised myself with my handiness today too- while the movers were doing their thing unloading, I put Emma and Jericho’s beds together, and later I built Nicholai’s 4×4 cube shelf. I feel so competent.

The non-animosity between the cats appears to be lasting. They are voluntarily sharing the same space- well, the same room, they’re not exactly curling up on a cushion together or anything, but it is a remarkable improvement on the state of their relationship to date.