Monday 19 June 2017

After what feels like the longest day ever, Troy and I are here in the new house.

It turns out we DO have too much stuff- so much stuff that they couldn’t fit it all in their truck. So today is moving day #1, and Friday will be moving day #2.

I have to admit, I thought that we wouldn’t fit everything in one truck, even though we hired the biggest truck they had. But I suppose I just hoped that MOST of it would fit, and we’d be able to bring the rest of it in the van or in the ute over a couple of trips. Well….a great big NO to that one! We had their 8 ton truck today, and they’re coming back on Friday with the 6 ton truck, so that gives you an idea of just how much we didn’t fit in the truck today!

Oh well. Once I got over my embarrassment about the whole debacle, it was fine. The movers were there at 9.30 and spent until 2.30 packing the truck. I spent most of the morning sitting in an armchair out of the way and playing word cookies on my phone. When they were done I packed the cats up from the respective bathrooms they’d been locked in and drove here to the new house. The truck arrived a little while later and then they began the unloading. Troy arrived just in time to see them unload the last few things, and then they left. Apart from having too much stuff to fit in their truck, there were no real dramas- the top of Nicholai’s desk got broken, but everything else seems to have survived intact.

The cats are extremely unimpressed with the whole situation. I had to wrestle Nemesis into his new cat carrier bag; he was like a cartoon cat with his claws out and limbs stretched out, desperately trying to stop me from stuffing him in the bag. I won that battle, but I think he got me back later on- he and Ootchy travelled in their carriers placed side by side in the passenger seat footwell, and Nemesis spent basically the entire two plus hours yowling at me. Being a black cat behind black mesh in a dark footwell he was almost completely invisible, except for big yellow eyes with enormous pupils glaring hatefully at me out of the darkness! I locked them in separate bathrooms here until the movers had left, and at first Nemesis refused to get out of the carrier, and when he did he went and sat in the litter box facing the back wall and refused to look at me. He did come creeping out later, but then he went and hid in Soren’s wardrobe so we couldn’t find him for ages. Ootchy seemed a little more relaxed about things (which is weird, given his generally anxious, over-grooming personality!) but when I patted him before I let him out he purred and rubbed against my hand. However he has not been seen since, so who knows where he’s hiding in the house.

Troy and I went to Woollies for something for tea, and haven’t done much else. There’s been a lot of wandering around trying to get used to the idea that this is our house now! And a lot of looking for cats I suppose. Now we’re just going to make up our bed and go to sleep. As I said, it’s been a really long day and I am so tired now. And tomorrow I’ll get all the fun of unpacking!