Saturday 17 June 2017

SO MUCH PACKING. So many boxes…why do we have so much stuff???

We’re at Steve and Jean’s house now, and I’m so tired – today was really long day. Troy spent his day out in the shed, and I worked on the house. I stripped all the beds and packed doonas and pillows, and put all the bed linen through the washing machine and dryer. Then it was just a matter of staying in one room until it was packed, throwing stuff in the skip or putting it in the box for donation as necessary.

Nicholai and Emma were asked to pack up their own rooms as much as possible, and they did a pretty good job. Jericho and Soren helped me sort things in their room, and all four of them pulled the trampoline apart and tossed the bits in the skip. They also had to pack bags with the clothes and toys that they’ll need for the time that we’re going to be here at Steve and Jean’s.

I think we got a lot done, although it’s hard to maintain a realistic perspective. It just feels like there’s still so much to do.

I am such a mess though. Everything hurt so much all day, and by the time we quit and came over here I was so done that I just sat in front of the fire and cried. I hate feeling so pathetic.

At least I know we’re getting close to the end. Tomorrow we have to finish packing up, then we’re moving on Monday and after that the pressure is off. I just have to survive until then.