Friday 16 June 2017

Today has been an extremely depressing day of hobbling painfully around trying to pack. I hurt SO MUCH. One of my knees is about twice the size of the other, which is already more swollen than normal. I didn’t notice at the time (too caught up in not dying of agony over my knees and legs I guess) but I wrenched my shoulder in the whole debacle too. Everything hurt so much last night that I couldn’t sleep, so I had to get up and take some panadol and wait for it to kick in before I could even stand to lie down, so I am completely tired and demoralised today.

So all things considered I really didn’t get as much done as I should have today. I packed the little boys’ Lego and armoury, and the stereo and the x-box and a few other random things, but that was about it.

I am also annoyed that the cat carrier and litterbox that I bought off ebay didn’t arrive, even though it was supposed to be here today. Since it now won’t arrive until some time Monday, I will have to go and buy a litter tray since the cats will need to be locked in from about 8.30am Monday morning.

We did get a skip today though, and that’s good. We have some furniture that will be getting tossed, but there is also just a heap of rubbish that’s being unearthed as we pack, and so the skip will take care of all that.


2 thoughts on “Friday 16 June 2017

  1. You might need to have a massage once all this is done!!! I hope you feel better soon and your weekend move goes well xoxo

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