Thursday 15 June 2017

A big day today- we collected our keys and went and played in our new house!

Our plan had been to just collect the keys and then go to our interview/tour at the high school. We left home early though, and so after we’d collected our keys (and the gift basket of wine and lollies) we had a bit of time and so we went for a walk up the street. It was such a beautiful sunny day that Ballarat was definitely showing up nicely, which was great because we were all, “We nearly live here!”

I was so impressed by our visit to the high school today. We met with the principal and he told us all about the school and the programs they offer and how everything is organised. He even tailored what he was talking about to Nicholai and Emma’s interests, based on what I had told him about them when I rang to arrange this meeting. He was so positive about the school, and that has made me feel really confident in this choice. I really appreciated how much time he took to show us around, and get Nicholai and Emmanuella feeling comfortable about starting. He told them exactly what they’ll need to bring, and exactly where to go and who to ask for on the first day, and then made sure on the tour to orient them to those buildings. They have some really good facilities there, and a big range of subjects and electives. I was probably most impressed by their sort of pastoral care program- the school is big but each student has a teacher assigned to be their ‘mentor teacher’ (best way I can think of to describe it) and that’s who they go to if they need anything, and who Troy and I would contact if we had any questions or concerns about our kid. The teachers have about fifty children under their care for this, so it sounds like there’s a lot of oversight. Really, the whole time there just gave me a lot of hope that this is going to be a really good thing for the kids.

Although I did have the most excruciatingly embarrassing moment there, because I fell down some stairs! We were going down a concrete flight of stairs when my ankle basically didn’t hold me up as I stepped down, and so I just went crashing down several steps. I was so mortified as the children all went “ooohhhh!” and the principal turned around and I was just collapsed on the stairs, trying to pretend that I was not in agony. I managed to stagger to my feet ,but I was so embarrassed and in so much pain that I spent the rest of the tour wishing it would end!

I’ve hurt myself though. I managed to skin my knees and shins through two pairs of pants (I was wearing my cargo pants with my Aldi thermal pants underneath) and there are massive bruises under the scrapes. My knees are especially bad- they hurt all the time, and hurt worse when I walk or put any pressure on them (even just the tightness of the thermals when I cross my legs is uncomfortable). So frankly I don’t know what’s worse, the actual injury or my sheer embarrassment.

Once we were finished at the high school we drive straight to our new house, where the (extremely patient) welcoming committee of Benita and Winnie were waiting for us with lunch. We went inside and went through the house, opening up all the drawers and cupboards and arranging imaginary furniture and playing in the backyard, and then we ate lunch and pretty much continued to do that.

The house is just so big. I still have trouble accepting this concept of a house that is big enough for everyone to have their own room!

I have to say though, a whole day of family togetherness is kind of exhausting. If I have to listen to any more games of kiss/marry/kill I’m going to kill someone myself!


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