Tuesday 13 June 2017

I woke up with my hands pretty stiff and sore after doing so much packing yesterday, so I spent most of the morning watching prison documentaries on youtube, which I find oddly soothing.

It was ‘Significant Persons Day’ for the year 8s at the high school today, so after lunch I went up to that. The kids have been doing a cross curriculum project on a significant person in their life, and today was a chance to show it all to their significant person now that it’s put together. They did a presentation where a few kids read out their significant person essay, then they showed a video of drama kids using ‘physical language’ to tell a story about the emotions associated with their significant persons. The the significant persons who were there were invited to go and look at the essays and art projects, and the kids could come and find their person to show them around. (And eat the provided refreshments, must to Emma’s glee!)

Anyway, I was Emma’s significant person and it was lovely to read what she wrote about me and see the ceramic figure she made of me. It’s really kind of quirky and funny- I look a bit like a Simpsons character. She is just such a strong and compassionate person now, and I am so proud.

I packed a little in the afternoon and got so stressed about Jean coming over to talk about when we live there that I took some Ativan. There were no big dramas with this though, basically we were just establishing who will be where for the first couple of days so that we know who has to buy food for which people at what meals.

I’m going to spend my first night at the new house alone! Troy is working that day, so I will go to our house early to shut up the cats and be ready for the movers. Once they’re mostly loaded I will pack the cats and drive to the new house so that I can be ready there to let them in and direct them in unloading the truck. And once it’s done I’ll just be there by myself!

I’m not all that fussed it about actually- I’ll be so tired I won’t have the energy to be scared, and I have sleeping tablets if it’s too hard to settle down. Troy will drive up on Tuesday morning after he’s dropped the kids at school, and I’ll drive back Wednesday morning so I can meet my friends for craft and take Jericho and Emma to hockey training.

It feels like we got a lot packed on the weekend though. Troy sorted through a lot of stuff that needed his attention, which was good- he’s not fast at packing, but he just keeps plodding along.

I finally scored a bookshelf for Soren on ebay that turned out to be rather larger and nicer than I was expecting- frankly I want to take Emma’s desk and this lovely bookshelf and make myself a study!

We sold Emma’s bed on ebay, which I’m really glad about. We didn’t need it anymore, but the idea of just throwing it into the skip seemed obscenely wasteful. We’ll have to organise a time for them to come pick it up. The entertainment unit will see (the auction ends Saturday), and that takes care of the furniture that is still good but that we don’t need.