Sunday 11 June 2017

It feels like it’s just all about packing at the moment. Either I’m packing things into boxes, or organising in order to pack more things into boxes.

Today was pretty productive though. Emma and I filled another box from her room, so there’s really not that much left in there. I packed up Jericho and Soren’s books, and made a start on packing Nicholai’s footy records. I packed the last of the books in the library, and packed a chunk of the scrapbooks. I went through all the old schoolbooks that have been unearthed in Nicholai and Emma’s room and tore out some pages to save in their file boxes, tore out the blank pages for drawing paper, and put the rest in the recycling. Troy packed up all his watches and watch magazines, as well as some things from the wardrobe and the study. Jericho and Soren made a start on packing up their Lego too, which was good- both of them seem to really hate the idea of packing up all their things and always get cranky about it, but they did a good job today.

We also had someone come by to pick up the armchair that we were giving away free- the ad has been up for ages without anyone wanting it, so I had pretty much given up and thought that we’d just have to throw it in the skip, but then this person messaged last night and came this afternoon to collect.

We’re also giving away a futon sofa bed (that we got free from the neighbours a while ago), and we have Emma’s bed and now our entertainment unit listed for sale on ebay. We’re not having any luck with Emma’s bed, but the tv unit already has a bid on it so at least that will sell – it doesn’t really fit in our new house, so we really just need to get rid of it.